SplitFuse 2.1

Divide and unite split video files


  • Splits based on duration or number of clips
  • Splits and re-joins files quickly


  • Doesn't support all video formats
  • Doesn't support WMV files


Sometimes you need to divide video files either to fit them onto a hard drive, upload to the net or because it makes them easier to edit and manage.

SplitFuse splits video files into multiple segments or fuse together segments that have already been split apart. You can divide files either by specifying the number of parts you want to divide it into or by specifying the duration you'd like the clips to be. Alternatively, you can join files together that have been divided.

Both processes are extremely quick with the splitting of the the average DivX file taking no more than a few minutes. SplitFuse can handle most major formats including QuickTime, MPEG-4, AVI, DivX, DV, and iPhone. If you want to cut up files manually, you can use a simple timeline to mark your in and out points and then define sound quality, compression ratio, file size etc. You also have the option to export clips immediately into iMovie or Final Cut Pro.

SplitFuse is a simple and effective tool to manage large video files whether you want to edit them or just upload them to the net.



SplitFuse 2.1

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